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You Control Your Destiny

Yesterday, I saw this post and immediately thought of you guys to share it with.

Can I control my destiny?

You can determine your destiny! You should, that's what being human means.

Actually, if you look at your life, you're not doing anything very greatly different from what other creatures are doing.

They are born, you are born. You grow up, they grow up.

They reproduce, you reproduce. They die, you die.

Nothing very different, but these same simple things we can conduct them consciously.

That is the significant thing about being human.

Let's say you conduct your hand consciously, now this hand will do what you want, isn't it?

You won't simply sit here and do like this, now this hand will do what you want.

Suppose you conduct your thought consciously, now your thought will do what you want.

If your thought and emotion was taking instructions from you,you would keep yourself in the highest level of pleasantness, whatever that is.

Your entire life process will come to an ease, total ease.

When you say you’re in pursuit of happiness, what this means is, you want all of them to function the way you want. Then you will be happy.

You know when we say, if this happens, I will be happy, if that happens, I will be happy, what it means is, the world should function, the universe should respond your way.

Right now, this is because you have, you’re a crouching tiger.

You have to go get something always.

There is nothing if you sit here, your life is complete.

When it’s in this kind of ease, it will become perceptive.

This is how you take charge of your life.

Now you wish for something, it happened.

I want you to kno this, foremost people, at least 50% of what they wish, happens.

It‘s just that they’re focusing on a few thing that did not happen.

If you want to be fair, in a reasonably well settled society , 90% of what they wish happens.

It is the 10% they’re complaining about.

You tell me, is it easier to take charge of yourself or is it easier to take charge of all there people?


You must first do that, no?

What is simple and easy.

If you take charge of yourself, let us see how much we an get cooperation from these people.

Situations are happening around us.

Not all situations will ever happen the way we want it, because the situation is not just me.

The situation is so many people involved, so many forces involved.

All of them need not happen my way.

But if I’m happening my way, I’m blissful.

Now you are not in pursuit of your happiness, you are not tense about anything, there is no sword hangin on your head, you will do everything to the fullest, to the hilt, because you don‘t care what happens.

If what you want did not happen, can you still sit here blissfully?

That’s a question.

May this blog enlighten you, help you heal and/or grow.

Please share to inspire others.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Keep Shining, Keep Believing and Keep Being Your True Self.

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