• Shan

What Motivated Me!

My daily motivation for Life, is to be better than the day before.

Learning new things, pushing myself to

higher heights and doing the things in life which I love, cherish and enjoy.

My fitness journey fully began in 2014, once I had recovered from the birth of my second daughter. When I started I was over 14 stone in weight which really made me feel uncomfortable. I had minimal confidence; wore the same types of clothing (black leggings to be exact) and hardly took my pictures. This was one of my lowest of the lows period.

I remember the first time stepping into a GYM! The feeling of starting an unknown journey (completely on my own) was overwhelming and scary. Can you relate?

I persevered through it regardless of how I felt or what people said because I knew I wanted to see a change in my body, I wanted to learn and push myself. I wanted my thighs to stop rubbing and causing friction every time I walked; I wanted to see my cesarean scar from the birth of my first daughter in 2009; I wanted to become fit and be able to run with my eldest who is very active; I wanted to feel and look better. I needed to change my mindset and rebuild myself and so my journey began.

What Motivates You??

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