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You are contributing to the #world more than you think... make it a positive contribution.

It may not seem as if you are doing anything for the people around you, let alone the world but read this through and you'll understand my angle.

Do you ever wake up and think about what happened yesterday? s

So much so that you get back to feeling exactly how you did yesterday and it messes up your whole #vibe TODAY...

Not realising that today will be nothing like yesterday so that vibe you're now carrying can potentially throw you off course for days to come... ⏸ It's not worth it.

The keyword in the definition above is felt.

This is just one means of starting a potentially negative domino rally... for hundreds of people... how so?

Photo Credit: Isabel C. Zepeda

You had a rough Monday, and woke up on Tuesday still mad about Monday... everyone you come in contact with on Tuesday can now potentially feel your vibe (carried over from Monday) not forgetting the people you communicated with on Monday as well... even if it's just a touch of it, which they don't even notice... they got it!

So okay maybe you only communicated with one person (directly) but the chances are, you bought something from somewhere, shared a space with someone, somewhere, a seat on the bus maybe... anything... anywhere... and maybe you didn't speak to any of these people but your body language sure might have.

And guess what?

When you really think about it, it turns out you actually came into contact and communicated with people you don't even know exist, but that vibe you had... they felt it... and the ripple begins...

Now their vibe is off and their Tuesday is slowly becoming your Monday and they don't even know why and...

And by the end of the year, the world is screaming... 2018 was so S@%# it was meant to be the year, I don't know what happened!

Okay... 2019 is definitely the year, I'm sure of it. Not realising all it takes is for one person to have a bad day they can't cut off from.

If everyone lives by letting "bygones be bygones" and switching their negatives into positives (which seems almost impossible in such a conflicting society - I know)... the contributing vibes we emit... will make a huge difference... to the world.





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