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Tinker Hatfield!

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

If you're a real sneaker head, the "Tinker Hatfield" Jordan Retro 3 release is probably something you already know about? If you're a real real sneaker head you will know that the release has, in selected stores, now been postponed from this Saturday (24th March 2018) to April 30th 2018 - best bet is to check with your local spot!!!

Now for everyone else... who is Tinker Hatfield?

In a nutshell... he is a legend of design.

(An American designer of various Nike athletic shoes, in particular Air Jordan and Air Max)

Take a look at the release in commemeoration of his work and the Jordan III:

The "Tinker Hatfield" Air Jordan III is based on a sketch finally brought to life to celebrate 30 years of the iconic sneaker model.

The original design for the Jordan III sneaker, by designer Tinker Hatfield, incorporated Nike's famous swoosh and a NIKE logo on the upper section of the shoe. Neither of which made it to the production stage, but were far from forgotten. The details on this upcoming release are notable and truly one of a kind.

Detailed pictures of the Tinker Hatfield Jordan III can be seen below, my advice is... do not sleep on these... years from now, these will be Retros.

ABOVE: Original Nike Air Logo at the back of the shoe, and Tinker Hatfield's signature inside the tongue

ABOVE: sketches of the original Jordan III on the insoles

ABOVE: original NIKE logo, as seen in the sketches for the Jordan III

ABOVE: Inside of the tongue features Tinker Hatfield's signature.

The "Tinker" Jordan III will retail on Nike.com at 8am on the 24th of March for £189.95

Watch this space: https://www.nike.com/gb/launch/t/air-jordan-3-tinker

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