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The Things Kids Say!

I don't know about everyone else but for me, whenever it is bed time in my household for my girls, they always have the most to say, especially my eldest. Whether it’s about their day, something they've learnt, a joke they want to share or simply something they’ve have remembered/forgotten to tell you earlier that day.

Please bare in mind, we always ask (every day) 'how was your day?', 'what did you learn today?', 'what did you have for lunch?', 'what was the best part of your day?(why?)' and 'what didn’t you enjoy so much?'

Nevertheless, this always seems to be the outcome and a natural one too.

So the other night, half an hour into her bedtime and whilst I was on the phone to a good friend. I hear...

"MUM!" from Kanyese.

Me: "Yes, Kanyese."

Kanyese: "How do you spell 'racecar' backwards?"

At the point, I am thinking this girl is taking the biscuit lol, she should of been sleeping over 45mins ago and she is calling me to ask about spelling racecar backwards. So of course my mummy response is...

Me: "Kanyese go to your bed, you have school in the morning."

Kanyese: "Mum, spell it backwards." and she starts laughing."

I start telling my friend whats going on and then I caught myself. How do you spell racecar backwards, I asked my friend? By now she’s laughing.

Forwards - RACECAR

Kanyese shouted out "RACECAR"

Backwards - RACECAR

My friend and I could not stop laughing, along with Kanyese who should of been sleeping. Since then, I have shared this with many people and now all of you.

Be sure to ask your children, family members and friends.

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Before I sign out, I saw this and thought ‘What a good idea!’

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