• Delor Serecin

The Norwood: Secret Society Lounging in NYC

Ok maybe not Secret society but definitely private elite members only. I was recently invited as a guest to the Norwood club located inconspicuously in a 5 story townhouse on 14th street in Manhattan. You would never know from the outside the swanky and chic ambiance it embodies inside. Similar to the Soho house, The Norwood offers a private getaway for some of the most wealthy and prominent creatives in town. Along with the astronomical fees associated with it, you have to be selected or hand picked to enjoy this exclusive setting.

Five floors of amazing elaborate and ornate art pieces for auction (which changes every year), superb dining options, and a slew of performances and activities for members make this club a sought after spot for up and coming creatives. Every room has a different vibe and distinct look which makes you feel like you're in a completely different world.

My favorite was a room with a an intimate moroccan chic vibe. With bright bold fashionesque artwork and the pink and purple jewel tones it was easy to see myself plotting ways to join this club. If you ever get a chance to come here you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with nyc most elite and powerful people so please invite me! Enjoy the pics!



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