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Teach Our Young Generation Better: Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

Recently I watched a clip of Whoopie Goldberg on The View an American Talk Show (the episode is around two years old), explaining her point on the topic of Men Hitting Women... ‘Back!’ This was due to an NFL star knocking out his fiancee due to her hitting him first. I'm sure you've seen it, if not here's a link below.


(from YouTube)

I have to say, I totally understand Whoopie Goldberg's point. I've witnessed a young man in his school uniform, punching a young woman (school girl) in her face several times. Now, I don't know what happened beforehand but my heart felt heavy because I a few years, my daughter will be in secondary school.

I had to explain to my nine-year-old (eight at the time), what I had seen and asked her not to put her hands on anyone period!

Please understand, if someone hits/slaps/punches you first, its a totally different concept....

BUT if you hit/slap/punch first, you Can Not guarantee the individuals response whether it's a man or woman! Family, friend or foe! We ALL have the Right to Defend Ourselves.

Please don't be naive, I don't believe men should hit women or women should hit men but we are all human; have different mental states; have lived through different experiences and are on different journeys.

My point being is we should not only be teaching our boys not to raise their hands, we should also be installing this into our girls so when they grow into a Man and a Woman, there is a high level of Respect for Themselves and Others!

“In raising children, we need to continuously keep in mind how we can best create the most favorable environment for their imitative behavior. Everything done in the past regarding imitation must become more and more conscious and more and more consciously connected with the future.“ - Rudolf Steiner

(Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/rudolf_steiner_777923?src=t_raising_children).



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