• Diinz

Szechuan Sauce!!!!

McDonald’s have announced that they’re bringing back Szechuan Sauce! The Szechuan Sauce is Sauce they released in reference to the Disney movie Mulan and is a favourite of the character Rick from the famous show ‘Rick and Morty’. They posted on their website saying “Szechuan Sauce is Coming Back. It’s true. Szechuan Sauce is coming back, and in a big way. But we’re doing more than simply bringing back the sauce. We know there were many unanswered questions and even more unbelievable stories from last year’s Szechuan saga. So, come this Thursday, February 22nd, we’ll not only announce when, where, and how much Szechuan Sauce will be returning. We’ll also answer those questions and share those stories via a stranger-than-fiction, three-part podcast series: The Sauce.”

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