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To be inspired...

is a MAJOR KEY to success!

Our every move, requires fuel and that's just on a day to day basis.

So imagine actually striving towards the milestones I mentioned in the

"Success: Planning" post...

with no fuel.

In fact, don't even bother trying to imagine it, because that in itself will become tiresome.

Instead, take this #opportunity to mentally note at least one thing that inspires you...

Got something in mind? Great.

If not... add that to your list of things to do over the next few days.

Why is it so important to be inspired in order to be #successful?

Well inspiration is one of the many seeds of #growth.

So although it isn't the be all and end all to #success... inspiration could very well be the seed that grows your largest, most fruitful tree.

Think about it...

Apparently Inspiration is "something you feel on the inside"... that being said...

Are you in tune with your #feelings?

If you are, continue reading... if you aren't that's another thing to work on (or you can wait for my post on alignment and intuition - but there really is no time like the present... get researching!)

How do I identify #inspiration?

Recently, I have had specific trails of thought, visions - if you like, which have instigated that feeling of inspiration... self-inspired I suppose, and when I have felt inspired I have felt a physical tingling sensation in my stomach, similar to butterflies... deep right? Almost like I'm doing too much... but listen... it's necessary.

If I lacked inspiration... I wouldn't be able to create and since creating is what pays my bills... being uninspired is not an option!!!

The moment inspiration is triggered I'm back on track towards my #goals, happily focusing on the future.

I find it extremely hard to believe that you can be successful (not even just financially - but in the game of life itself) without being inspired.

So let's take a brief look at one way to gain some inspiration...

The 3 Ls - Like, Love, Loathe.


  • Identify three things you like

  • Identify three things you love

  • Identify three things you loathe

The 3 things you #like, let these be things you think of/engage with often.

The 3 things you #love - next to each of them write a simple note of how these can be incorporated in your every day life routine.

The 3 things you #loathe... stay away from, they are no good for you and now that you have identified them in black and white you can ensure they don't make an appearance causing you to feel uninspired.

The three things you like and the three things you love will serve as the triggers to inspire you... in life.

Repeat this in regards to your career... and if you can't identify three things you like and three things you love about your career... but can identify three things you loathe... change career.

We spend most of our time working in a job, on our careers... trying to survive... if we aren't happy with the way in which we are doing these things, it's time to cut the ties and move on... that is the only way you will feel inspired...

And in turn be able to grow and develop - revealing the truly phenomenal being you already are.

I hope that you soaked up something from this post, I'm due to elaborate on all of these subjects (after retirement lol).


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