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Shark Time!

#Damien Hirst, artist, art collector and #entrepreneur, still remains one of the richest (if not the richest) artists in the world to date since dominating the art scene in the 90s!

Hirst, rose to fame when he created a series of work highlighting the preservation of dead animals, specifically... a shark, a sheep and a cow.

The room where the above #art piece was displayed, also became home to a swarm of live #butterflies and a diamond encrusted human skull. As this #exhibition circulated, the butterflies travelled safely along with the shark who was transported diligently minus the formaldehyde (sourced locally upon arrival).

The 3 crucial components of this exhibition was to purposely juxtapose life and death in the same vicinity. #Hirst worked on art that would make consumers feel uncomfortable about death but also question life as a result.

There is something very poignant about the suspended #tiger shark, it is almost as if it's last ever motion was still aggressive, and whereas death is generally a representation of consequent peace... it appears that even in death we still retain the same notion of the shark.

I came across a very interesting paper regarding this piece of art. The paper is by Luke White and can be read here: Damien Hirst’s Shark: Nature, Capitalism and the Sublime

Damien Hirst is definitely an artist I will feature again in the near future...

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