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Rema Nambiar

...an extraordinary #artist who developed her skills at London Guildhall University, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine art.

When exploring the mood of a subject, Rema prefers to work with oils and charcoal, depicting a solitary image and it's surroundings.

The Artwork portrays an ordinary image and represents it in a different light.

To use what is ordinary or disused and create an ambiguous or unusual image from it.

Rema Nambiar appreciates the work of various artists, discovering many interesting and thought provoking pieces of work.

However, she has three major influences for similar reasons... they are Monet, Dali and Richter.

#Monet,  not only for the aesthetic quality of his work and use of colour, but the exploration of the same subject in different lights and periods of the day.

#Dali,  for the dream like state that the images portray and the ambiguous nature of them.

#Richter,  the vibrant colours he uses in his abstract art and the texture he applies to the work.

Facebook: Rema Nambiar

Rema Nambiar is currently developing a new painting project, and will be exhibiting her charcoal images from the Form Series.

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