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So yesterday I met up with one of my best friends and we took my 2 year old daughter to see 'Peter Rabbit' at the Vue (Croydon - Grants), but due to train delays on my friend's side of things and a huge thanks to the Crystal Palace match that was happening...

we missed the showing of Peter Rabbit.

Standing at the counter my friend says... I mean "Rampage is out, I'm just saying..." and that was that, Rampage it was!

Funny part... I say to the lady at the counter... can I have one for Rampage, she says mistakingly "he won't be able to go in" looking down at my little girl... I replied "it's a 12A" her brain was working, and now I think about it, she probably thought I was under 18 so where was the adult accompaniment? Makes so much sense!!

Long story short... my mini me was allowed in and super ready to watch "the animals, lots of animalsssss", and was really excited about it too. She thought we were seeing Jumanji again - also a 12A. I'm starting to think maybe this should be in the parenting category!

Anyway quick note to the #Vue (Croydon Grants) - the Ben & Jerry counter - please, efficiency? Waiting 10mins for one scoop of vanilla ice cream is just... yeah anyway sort it out. Thanks! On a brighter note... the theatre was clean and the seats were super comfy (try and sit in screen 10! haha)

Okay so the movie... Rampage... I loved it and out of 5... a healthy 4... out of 10... whatever the equivalent to 4/5 is ... how good is your math?

The movie started off great... and was consistent. I was engaged from begin to end!

My 2 year old was gripped and was really into it for I'd say the first 45mins, and then she fell asleep, it was nap time... 2 hours prior so she actually did really well. She really wanted to see the rest of it when she woke at the end. I just need to time these movie trips better! That worked out greatly for me because when she knocked out I was fully locked into the movie!

(By the way I'm not advising you to take your 2 year olds, as mine actually watches movies and enjoys them, her attention span is pretty good.)

This movie not only delivers a good amount of action, but the special effects are what we expect in 2018, keeping everything believable and you will definitely chuckle. The comical aspect is right on time, every time you need it, right before the set atmosphere becomes stale (for lack of a better word).

If you are looking for something light and really entertaining - a family movie that is easy to watch but also action packed and sentimental... book your tickets now!

#Rampage is definitely a movie that should be seen on the big screen to really take advantage of the graphics and enormity of the movie!

And lastly...

In this era I have noticed a lot of movies open up avenues but don't venture down them or close them off, leaving the audience with a lot of questions and doubts at the end of the #movie.

Rampage doesn't do this, in fact the story line is very easy to follow and everything opened is explained... the only question you will come away with after watching this movie is... will there be a sequel?

I'd prefer you to take my word for it and just check it out for yourself, but if you need encouragement and haven't already...

Check out the trailer:

Check out Rampage on Facebook: @RampageMovieUK

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