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Quote Of The Day #47


I was 14 years old. Forced to perform sexual acts on 3 guys who claimed to be “my friends”.

When I came to school the next day everyone whispered and stared at me, I saw my name stitched with “is” next to words like “slut” and “whore” scratched into desks and written on lockers.

(Finish reading the whole story at https://medium.com/@jennagalbut/me-too-488181e436ed)

"To the ones who diagnosed my gifts as disorders... YOU WERE WRONG!"

Jenna Galbut

Motivational Speaker, Transformational Life Coach and Inspirational Writer.

I personally didn't know much about Jenna Galbut until I came across this quote of hers:

“Each New Chapter Of Our Lives Requests

An Old Part Of Us To Fall And

A New Part Of Us To Rise.”

Upon reading deeper into Miss Galbut, I came across ‘ME TOO’ (above) and instantly thought of how much courage and strength she must of used to share her story. I realised her dedication to uplifting the world around us through her own life experiences and came across a lot of her inspirational quotes about love, healing, self-growth and empowering. She says:-

~ I motivate people to get past fear and live in the light of love.

~ I inspire people to bring their best selves into our shared world.

~ I teach people how to live their ultimate fulfilled life, while helping to heal them from the past, find love for themselves in the present, and empower themselves for the future.

Dedicated and devoted to her mission.

"No One Deserves Your Love More Than You!"

"The moment we assume we know someone's story, we destroy our capacity to understand it."

"I dream of a world where there is no suffering. A world where we are all free to live and be our best selves. All of my work is dedicated to this goal.”

We Wish For These Quotes To Inspire You or Another.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Keep Shining, Keep Rising and Keep Being Your True Self.

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