• Shan

One And Only You!

I received this poem yesterday and in all honesty, it was definitely something I needed to read. Has anyone ever sent you a poem or quote right on que?

These last few weeks haven’t been great for me and at times I've struggled with my emotions and questioning decisions I've made because I have this constant battle in my head.

Please have a read below.

I guess, overall I needed to be reminded that 'there is only one me'.

Through this journey of ups and downs, good and bad, mistakes and rewards. One of the things I'm striving to do is make myself proud.

Proud of my journey and who I have become.

Proud of the work I do and all that I give.

Proud of what I teach and show my girls.

Proud of Who I Am.

Just to name a few.

I am constantly learning and reaching for more, becoming my true self and opening new doors. There is no other like me and I truly believe it's something, I should celebrate more.

Thank you for reading and please share.

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