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Nike Reimagined!

For the first time ever, Nike carefully selected 14 footwear designers (out of more than 1000 strong designers at Nike) to create a time capsule collection of exclusive footwear!

Just to top it off... all 14 of the footwear designers selected are women!

Empowerment at its finest.

Lets take a look...

In 1982... came the birth of the Nike Air Force 1... closely followed by the Air Jordan 1 in 1985... both of which have become two of the most iconic sneakers in history...

The creative power team of 14 were asked to rethink both the Nike Air Force 1 and the Air Jordan 1 for the first time.

Each designer is a complete individual, and the team was selected based on what each designer could bring to the table - the creative diversity meant that this team of women were able to create a truly magical collection.

The merge of diversity between the 14 super creatives meant that before long, in a London-based Nike hub... 5 pronounced personas were formed:

  • Explorer:

  • Lover:

  • Sage:

  • Rebel:

  • Jester:

You don't have to look too closely at the designs to see which (in each category) is based on the Air Jordan 1 or the Nike Air Force 1... and yet although the features of the iconic shoes are very distinct, these 'out of the box' shoes are completely one of a kind and a true demonstration of creativity at it's very finest.

If you like what you see... the collection is currently available to purchase on Nike.com.

Click here for the :

Reimagined Air Jordan 1 Collection

& the:

Reimagined Nike Air Force 1 Collection

Prices range from: £105 - £135

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