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👍🏼My Healthy Eating Trial’s👎🏼 Food Seminar!

Recently I attended an Food Seminar, delivered by Charms The Foodie in partnership with Simply Fitness Uk.

She gave us loads of tips and a live demostration of a healthy breakfast which was simply delicious (picture below)

This was a great way to identify new methods, gain new knowledge and confirm what I already knew. Below are my examples of each:

~ Method Identified:

I leanrt a new method of how to use oats. Instead of having oats porriage every morning, I could whip up some oats and banana pancakes. The bonus was, it can be done with only three to five ingredients and is super quick to make.

This was exciting for me because a few week ago, I made a pledge with myself to start eating breakfast.

~ New Knowledge:

I would always looked at the Nutritional Information (Energy (kj/kcal), Fat, Saturates, Carbohydrates, Sugar and Protein to name a few) on any item I was interested in purchasing. It made sense to be able to control my portions and have a greater idea of how much I was consuming. Never did I look at the Ingredients and this is just as Important.

~ Confirmation:

It was good to hear some of the things I've grown to learn from someone else who is passionate about nutrition. Simple things like knowing what a man/woman's daily intake should be to maintain a healthy balanced diet or being able to break down the intake of nutrition through measuring the grams.



- 2 ripe meduim banana (mashed)

- 4 meduim eggs

- three handful of oats ( or to your own desired thickness)

- a dash of mixed spice or cinnamon


- blueberries

- raspberries

- 2 tbsp of coconut almond butter

(feel free to add more fruits as above)

Follow both on Instagram @simplyfitnessuk1 @charmsthefoodie for any more information.

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