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My Challenge #1

I love a Plyometric Box!

My main use with these boxes is step-ups or box jumps. I lurve box jumps! I incorporate

these into a weekly cardio workout and usually do 3/4 sets of 12-15reps (since December).

So as you could imagine, I needed a new challenge.

My First Challenge (January '18):

I still do 15reps but instead of it being all normal box jumps, I’ve introduced myself to single-leg box jumps. This is much more challenging and I have buckled over the box a few times, but that hasn’t stopped me. I approximately do 3 successful jumps (continuiously), on both my left and right leg.

My Second Challenge (March '18):

Today, I managed to pluck up the courage and jump on the double plyosoft boxes (1 & 2 right). These two together are a little higher than the red box (3 above). Definitely high enough to reinstall fear which led me to hesitate and doubt.

I hesitated 10 times, landed on my knees 4 times, buckled 6 times and just missed fully going over twice (it wasn’t against the wall at first).

A personal trainer at the gym witnessed the battle I was having with my self, came over and spoke a few wise words. He finished by saying ”You Can Do This!”

With his advice and encouragement, I changed my attitude towards what I was aiming to accomplish and instead of looking down, I began looking high.


Landed on my feet and hands (similar to a frog). The second jump, I buckled; Third, fourth and fifth, I hesitated. The sixth try, I buckled; The seventh I landed on my feet and hands again.

BUT on the eighth, I done a full jump and landed on my feet only. POW!

"I DID IT!" I shouted (lol).

My challenge is to be able to do 5 consecutive jumps in a row from a static position.

”Through Challenging Ourselves, We Enable Self-Growth;

Through Self-Growth, We Build Self-Confidence;

Through Self-Confidence, We Are Unstoppable.”

- Shan (S.L)

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