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Midweek Motivation!

"It is only when you take responsibility for your life that you discover, how powerful you truly are."

- Allanah Hunt

Check out what Oprah Winfrey has to say about taking responsibility of your life on one of her Life Class video's.

Okay, we're here in Life Class again. After last night, knowing when you know better you do better. We're ready to move on to what I think is another powerful lesson, that I started to get when I was a really young girl.

Having been raised by my grandmother and then at six years old being separated from my grandmother; being moved to Milwaukee and suddenly in a foreign environment for myself.

I remember walking into that new space and recognising that, in many ways I was alone. Which is a terrible feeling if you're six years old but I have always had the deep understanding for myself that if any thing was going to move forward in my life, that I was going to be responsible for making that happen.

And I know that to be true now and can articulate as:

"You Are Responsible For Your Life."

And if you are sitting around waiting on somebody to save you, to fix you, to even help you. You are wasting your time.

Because only you have the power to take responsibility to move your life forward.

And the sooner you get that, the sooner your life gets into gear.

This is what I know from doing 25 years and thousands and thousands of interviews on the Oprah Show.

It does not matter where you come from.

I have seen people come out of the desert, walk across the desert. Being born in the most dire of circumstances.

Doesn't matter what your mama did, whether she did, had a PHD or no D.

What matters is now, this moment.

And your willingness to see this moment for what is it.

Accept It, Forgive The Pass, Take Responsibility and Move Forward.

Thank You for Listening, Reading and Watching

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You Never Know Whose Life You May Change

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