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LeBron's Converse "Bootleg" Swoosh Sneaker

Prior to the shootaround of game 2 of the NBA playoff finals Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James was spotted lacing up a pair of bootleg sneakers designed by Chinatown Market. This is an unusual shoe to warm up in especially because it is nothing like anything the superstar has released with Nike but the Chuck Taylor 1970's were the go to sneaker for basketball players across the globe when first released.

The well known Converse silhouette in the common black and white colourway came with a twist. Sports Chinatown Market's smiley face logo stitched on the medial side and Nikes beloved swoosh blessing the lateral side of the shoe. The words "1OF1 BOOTLEG FOR LEBRON" written on the inside of the tongue would suggest that the shoe is the only one of its kind however it could be am insight of what's to come from the Nike and Converse partnership.

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