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Keitherine Art!!!

Meet 21 year old digital artist... Katherine Satrano, from Uruguay!

As soon as I came across her portfolio on instagram I knew she was an artist I wanted to feature on #11am11pm.

Having communicated with her, and learning of her journey... I thoroughly appreciate her art even more...

I hope you will too.

For as long as her memory serves, Katherine always had a passion for drawing. She practiced year after year with no immediate influences from her family and environment... her sheer will to improve her craft is what kept her drawing... and developing her skills over time.

"Art was my ally on my school years. I was quite lonely and shy so I spent most of my time doodling alone in the classroom while others were playing outside.

It was my way to express myself and forget my surroundings. Not even knowing, I was improving day by day without even noticing as I didn’t really aim for anything back then.

I only did it because I loved it and made me feel better."

- Katherine Satrano

It's no surprise that all original art work by Katherine has some kind of meaning/feeling behind it. She is literally expressing herself and venting through her craft!

Art Style: Anime inspired, semi-realism

Art Focus: Anime, chibis, portraits

Inspiration: Fellow artists on Instagram

Now without a doubt...

Everyone reaches that point (when leaving education) where they seek direction in life... what's next? what do I love doing? what am I good at? how will I make money? how can I make money and enjoy life?

For Katherine, arrival at this point was in 2016... and after deliberating and realizing the corporate world was not for her she made up her mind to take her truest love... drawing, seriously.

Straight away she practiced, even harder than before... with both traditional and digital styles and by 2017 she was ready...

Ready to share her art with the world.

(Above: Katherine's first ever instagram post shared on August 31st 2017)

Instagram: @keitherine.art

7 months later Katherine has 3.6K followers and counting!!!

Katherine has since joined Sketchmob and commissions her artwork... thrilled at the responses she gets from the public for doing what she loves is more than enough daily motivation to continue her journey as an established artist!

Portfolio: @Keitherine.art

Purchase Art: Keitherine

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