• Shan

January 1st 2019

Today I started off thinking about how grateful I am.

I find it's often easy to forget or see the beauty in what we already have due to the pressure, stresses or uncertainties of every day life.

But that's not all there is to concentrate on, there's so much to show gratitude for and in all honesty, some pressures, stresses and uncertainties are self inflicted.

Yes, we bring them amongst ourselves by over worrying, negative self talk/reflection, pain and many more.

So, let's work on showing more gratitude.

Tonight, I've wrote down five things I am grateful for and my reasons why I show gratitude towards them. Here are two of them:


The first, is simply being able to hear my daughters voice in the morning whilst she wakes me up and I open my eyes. I love listening to their unique voices and seeing the beauty in their faces.

"My Children Are The Reason I Laugh, Smile and Want To Get Up Every Morning."

- Gena Lee Nolin


The second is, the appreciation that I am able to provide. I haven't always had good money management, I'm still learning and paying off debts but the fact is I'm taking these steps and it's slowly but surely becoming better. I'm becoming more disciplined and handling money better.

"Suffer The Pain Of Discipline or Suffer The Pain Of Regret.""

- David Beckham

I'll be recalling five things I am grateful for every night and writing them down. I challenge you to do the same.

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