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Is Teaching Our Children Manner's Overrated?

Personally, I believe it's the right thing to do.

- It enables them to learn self-respect and how to respect others.

- It forms good habits; Remember, good habits such as being polite is a way of life.

- It contributes to social development. Let's be honest, who enjoys a rude child/ren?

- It can also help with boundaries, guidelines and self values as they get older.

That's to name a few! Above are 'Ways To Use Our Manners' which are rules they have placed within nurseries and schools which states ways to use your manners effectively. Do you agree?

And below is '30 Most Important Manners'. Now I've read them all, some take me back to my childhood, whilst others I implement within my children.

Are any of these manners famous to you?

Do you teach your child/ren manners?

Or are they simply overrated?

"The Hardest Job Kids Face Today, Is Learning Good Manners Without Seeing Any." - Fred Astaires

Share your views below.

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