• Lo'Kei


This guy? From the Simpsons? Nope!

Although he is very cool...

I'm not sure how much he would teach your ever developing children!!


Point your attention towards this little fella...!

I first discovered Homer early 2019, and I haven't looked back since.

This app is aimed at ages 2-8 (and I have also found it useful for anyone learning to read in English).

The monthly cost for the full features in this app, are completely reasonable considering just how good it is!

My daughter grasped phonics in no time and is currently reading ahead of her age group.

Homer not only teaches your child in a fun way, but the ever changing repetition means not only do they stay engaged but the information really sticks!

Homer, is bespoke!

What do I mean by this? well, Homer not only caters to age and ability but also interest, and as your child develops, so does the teaching.

Great thing about this is... you can have multiple profiles, for the children in your household... and they can learn at their own pace!

All work and no play?


Homer Reading also comes with lots of stories, word games and songs for all ages and abilities to plough through... and if that's not enough... included with your subscription is a sister app also available to download from your app store called Homer Stories!

Homer Stories has even more songs, stories and informational videos to keep your children entertained and informed for a long time!

Get Your Child Ahead Of The Class!

If you have instagram, add "learnwithhomer" so that your children can participate in challenges and competitions. You can also get some great learning and experience ideas/tools from the team!

Homer Reading and Homer Stories are both available across all platforms.





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