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Fear & Love

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Fear and I used to be friends

which made me feel all kinds of ways

and before I learnt to walk away it said

"Hey, let's meet some of my friends.

Come this way..."

One day, I couldn't speak out loud, in front of a crowd.

My throat filled with knots, my words came to an stop.

This is called Nerves, it's a temporary spot.

"But while you're here, say hello too..."

One month I felt nervous, I couldn't move.

I talked myself out of all I wanted to do.

"Oh you think you can but no you can not!

My name is Scared, we can't stop here!"

One year, I thought I was happy then I took its toll.

I never did what I wanted, now I'm feeling old.

I had bumped into it many times before,

now the regret is here even more.

I Need To Change My Life.

This Was The Beginning, Let's Embrace The End:

Love and I are Eternal,

I have realised it's Internal.

It makes me feel all kind of ways,

I like to start my mornings with grace and say

"Thank you, let's embrace the day."

One day, I took a risk and nerves arrived,

I looked behind then decided to dive.

It rotated my life and opened my eyes,

There was Change, with a great big smile.

One month, I was uncomfortable and scared pass by,

I took a deep breath and imagined the sky.

I couldn't believe it, fear told me lies;

Belief was in me the entire time.

One year, I had this feeling when regret stomped in,

I looked in the mirror, feeling lighter and prouder.

This is who I wanted to be,

Thanks to the Joy I found within.

I see fear and it's acquaintances once in a while,

Waiting for an opening, to put me on trail.

Here's a secret that they don't know.

I've changed how I respond so now I know,

The goal isn't to get rid of them because they help me grow!

Thank You for Reading.

Peace, Love & Prosperity

(written by) S.L.

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