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Dating An Artist...

Let's take a look at the #pros and pros and pros and pro-cons and #cons (I guess) of dating an artist.

Wait before we get into how great it is to date an artist, let's define those I am NOT referring to.

If you fall into any of the below... I am not talking about you as an #artist and that doesn't mean that you're not one, I mean deep down I am actually an astronaut, I engage with the night time sky and wonder what it would be like to float in space... so I get it, but this post isn't about you, if feel you are an artist based solely on one (or all) of these...

  • You might visit art galleries in your spare time

  • Have a passion for the arts but do nothing artistic... ever

  • Just own a #Banksy book and flicked through the pages

  • Were creative as a kid, abandoned art but won a pair of the #Kaws x #Jordan Retro 4s

I'll write another post about dating you guys. 😉

This is for those wanting to date/currently dating an artist... a do-er... a person who does art more than anything else, it doesn't matter which art form it is, art is their main focus, their passion and if fortunate enough... art is what puts food in their mouths and warmth in their houses (hopefully).

Just based on that, can you imagine dating one? an artist? Someone who has found their passion and is channelling it...

*Laurence Fishburne / Morpheus voice* and the deeper they go, the more engaged they are because the more fruits can come from the labour in addition to the fact that art is just super fun (to an artist).

Everyone knows activities fuelled by passion are straight fire, for example, as grown ups we know that if there is passion in intimacy... you're caught up for that whole session, locked in, nothing else matters, that right there... that passion is what gives you ultimate satisfaction, right? And... it's great right? of course it is.

Relate an artist being caught up and engaged in their craft to an intimate session of pure passion... and ask yourself this... in that moment would you pause to send a text message? FaceTime? Cut your session short to go and hang out elsewhere or maybe just chill and watch a movie?

I'm hoping the answers to those rhetorical questions would be...

So the pro to dating someone who is fully engaged in their passion is... wait for it... *drumroll* ...EDGE. That goes for ANYONE who is caught up in their passion.

An artist is on fire with or without you... if you get the chance to date one... do it. They will open your eyes to a new way of being... because the only way you will be able to accompany them on their journey is to also set yourself on fire... and it doesn't have to be art but you will feel compelled to engage in a passion.

Picture this... the artist is a spark... the deeper they get into their craft the more that spark becomes fire... and the fire grows and grows right? ... then you come along, and maybe you haven't found your spark yet, not yet on fire... ask yourself this...

Are you a nearby tree ready to become apart of the fire? or are you the water arriving on site to put out the fire?

If you're water, don't waste your time (or theirs)... the artist is engaged and it will take a lot from you to put them out and if you eventually do, they will lose their spark... that same edge you were attracted to in the very beginning... will be gone.

That right there is a pro-con to dating an artist... the pro being the spark, the con being the fact that it can be lost.

Artists... let's face it... are the fun part of life, they are the ones who provide solid entertainment, they make music for you, they keep you looking fresh, they paint the walls and customise people's lives... artists are the ones who make everything on this planet more attractive, including its inhabitants. From hairstyles to the building you work in and the car you drive... Creation... is art.

The con for you... about dating an artist is that an artist never stops working... creativity doesn't flow for hours (take a lunch break) and then say right that's it for the day the flow will continue tomorrow. Unfortunately... for you.

Now remember that the artist is locked into their passion... a clock? what's that? Fire never learnt the time... some artists don't even remember to eat... or drink, look at how many musicians collapse from dehydration, lost in creativity and growth... it's easily done.

There's a pro in there somewhere, I'm sure. 🤔

You know what... I've just had a great idea and typically of an artist (I'd say this is a pro-con) I'm going to have to end this post to adhere to my idea. - This is a prime example of something that happens often, because creativity... fire... doesn't flow down a one way street towards a dead end.

Maybe this post will be continued at a later date, nonetheless, thanks for reading... I hope you got something from it and seriously consider before dating an artist or anyone else who has found their passion... if you are a nearby tree ready to embrace the fire or water...

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