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Daily Inspiration I

My first Daily Inspiration goes to an gentleman who has inspired me throughout the years. I’ve seen him perform, along side his group known as D-FAM and I have followed his personal Instagram since the beginning of creating my own. I find him to be ever so humble, great at giving advice and totally committed to his journey.

A few of my favourite things are his ‘quotes’ and dedication towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle so without further a due, I am proudly introducing you to:-


(aka Castro aka Mr StarzUp).

Musician, Actor and Entertainer

Zeus is half Greek and half Jamaican, from South West London.

He is inspired mostly by the movies he watches and has been a movie buff since the beginning of his childhood. He now holds a movie collection of over 2000 dvds and each of them mean something or has made an impact on his life in some way, shape or form.

Zeus said “I’m one of the rare few who still buys dvds lol.”

Zeus aims to inspire at least one person per day in hopes that the world will change for the better slowly but surely each day. ”That brings a smile to my face.”

He said “And as I embark more on my acting career, I aspire to inspire other movie goers, as I was growing up. I don’t want people to aspire to be like me, I want people to aspire to be the best “THEM” that they can be.”

I am truly inspired by Zeus and his attitude towards his journey. He reminds me to constantly work on myself and have self-belief because no matter what, it all starts with me therefore I AM in control.

Drop him a message, check out his post with his own personal quotes.

Instagram: @mrstarzup

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