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King in the world"

Artist, Kervin Andre, blew the world of social media away with his version of the slandered H&M hoodie. H&M... now boycott by many notable public figures, including The #Weeknd, featured a young black boy in a green hoodie which read "Coolest Monkey In The Jungle"!!

Kervin Andre... instead of directly addressing the uproar, subtly uploaded to his instagram (#Akomicsart) photos of a canvas he painted... which went VIRAL!

This post received over 20 thousand likes, over 1 thousand comments and was repost by numerous people including '#Diddy' who added the caption:

"Put some respect on it!! When you look at us make sure you see royalty and super natural God sent glory!! Anything else is disrespectful."

Diddy's repost of Kervin Andre's #artwork, received a huge response of nearly half a million likes and over 14 thousand comments!

Since the 'racist' #backlash, H&M have apologised with the statement "We apologise to anyone this may have offended".

It's sad (or intentional - I don't know maybe they were going for the all publicity is good publicity thing) that in this day and age... no one, in the whole team was clued up enough to be like... Look this isn't going to go down too well, social media is EVERYTHING... it's the voice of the people and once something goes viral... it makes mainstream news, is this really a good idea?

I get it, white people call their kids monkeys all the time, but they know better when it comes to black kids... because for years and years that reference has been used as #racist terminology, and in this day and age it continues... to the point people... even famous people have bananas thrown at them... so yeah... if you had put this hoodie on the white kid (who was wearing the Survival expert hoodie) this backlash would not have happened... but again... it was either intentional or sheer ignorance that shift the gears of awareness a couple of days ago, and slammed the brakes on H&M.

Nonetheless "Stop Racism Now" (a quote from H&M - see the 'Coolin' section for more on that)

#Art is life... check out more of Kervin's work on #instagram: Akomicsart

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