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Banksy: Zehra Doğan

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

If there's an issue... and no one is talking about it, you can always count on Banksy to paint about it, somewhere.

Above: Banksy Mural in NYC, Protesting against the incarceration of Zehra Dogan

Zehra Dogan is a Turkish painter and journalist, who was approached and arrested on July 21st 2016. She was then accused of being linked to the Kurdish Worker's Party (a group who fight for Kurdish rights), and her painting, as seen below was used as evidence against her.

Above: Banksy Mural in NYC, (hashes representing the amount of time Zehra Dogan has spent in prison so far) with a projection of her painting above it.

Banksy's mural is not the only support he gave the painter in light of her injustice... Banksy also took to instagram:

Above: Banksy's Instagram

On July 26th 2016 Zehra Dogan wrote this from prison:

“I always tried to exist through my paintings, my news, and my struggle as a woman. Now, although I’m trapped between four walls, I still think that I have absolutely done my duty in full. In this country, dark as night, where all of our rights have been scratched out with the red of blood, I already knew that I would be imprisoned. I want to repeat Picasso’s teaching: do you really think that a painter is just someone who uses her brush to paint bugs and flowers? No artist turns her back on society; a painter needs to use her paintbrush as a weapon against oppressors. Not even the Nazi soldiers tried Picasso because of his paintings, and yet I am on trial because of my drawings. I will continue to draw. When a woman takes up that riot of colors, she can make a prison out of brushstrokes. But they’re just brushstrokes…. Don’t forget, it’s my hand that holds the paintbrush!”

This ordeal just goes to show that even art is no longer a safe outlet for expression. Support Zehra Dogan by reposting her painting, tagging the Turkish president and adding the hashtag #FREEZehraDogan to your post.

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